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Mold & Mildew Prevention From Factory To Retail

Leading distributor of anti-microbial and anti-moisture products to the consumer goods industry.

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Micro-Pak® stickers are a safe and effective method for preventing mold and are designed for many box packed items particularly footwear.

PE Sheets

Micro-Pak® PE Sheets are a safe and effective method for preventing mold & mildew and are designed for polybag packed items.

Dri clay

Dri Clay

Micro-Pak® 100% natural desiccants in original and new kraft packaging. Protects packaged products from moisture damage.

Container Desiccants

Micro-Pak® container desiccants are a safe, effective and advanced solution that removes moisture from the air inside containers to prevent container rain.


Mold is everywhere. In fact there are well over 100,000 different species of mold. Some species of mold can be harmful to people and of course nobody wants their products to arrive at retail covered in white, yellow and green spores. Mold has specific requirements for growth and different materials will be more susceptible for mold growth than others. The understanding of what mold is and how it grows is the first step towards prevention.


Micro-Pak made a significant commitment to improve environmental performance when they launched their sustainability initiative in 2010. The Micro-Pak sustainability mission is to genuinely and systematically eliminate any negative environmental impacts of our business. They’ve determined the impacts of their products and developed a comprehensive plan to improve as well as participation in the Higgs Index.

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